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CTP produces and publishes contemporary Christian plays. We currently license 3 original Broadway-style musicals: Esther, Pilgrim, and Acts: A City Rising. Each show conveys biblical values in an energetic and entertaining way.
Our published shows have been performed internationally by over 60 schools, churches, home school groups and community theatres (see Past & Upcoming Shows). Commenting on Pilgrim, director Wendy Weiss writes,
"It is so difficult to find really quality, redemptive material. The story was awesome, and I know the students will have these truths in their hearts for the rest of their lives. It was an awesome gospel message, the most powerful story we have told from our stage to date." (Westwood Community Church)
Acts: A City Rising
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The story follows an eclectic group of fishermen, Pharisees, and vagabonds as they "turn the world upside down." They had left everything to follow Jesus of Nazareth, and He completely transformed their lives. Despite tremendous opposition and persecution, the young community of believers grew and spread all over the world.
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The story of an orphaned Jewish girl who becomes Queen of Persia, and discovers that her people are to be annihilated by royal decree. She is forced to trust God through frightening circumstances, with the survival of her entire race seemingly on her shoulders. Esther is a two-act musical running 120 minutes. We license two versions: full-cast for groups of 25+ and a smaller-cast version for groups of 10–15. It includes 15 original vocal numbers with rental of full piano and vocal scores. An accompaniment CD is also available.

Esther Trailer

Selected Songs from Esther

Opening/Persia! Ordinary Day
Beauty Queen The Plot
The Prayer The Toast

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An adaptation of John Bunyan's classic work, Pilgrim's Progress. Using Bunyan's allegories, Pilgrim conveys biblical themes of faith, repentance, friendship, hardship, temptation, death and eternity. Pilgrim is a two-act musical running 120 minutes. It includes 14 vocal numbers with rental of full piano and vocal scores. Pilgrim can accomodate casts ranging from 12–40+. An accompaniment backing track is available with instrumental music and sound effects from the original production to enable groups with limited music resources to perform Pilgrim.

Pilgrim Trailer

Selected Songs from Pilgrim

Unseen World These are the Words
Home Stand Firm
Vanity Fair Walking on the Road