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A contemporary musical based on the book of Acts.
The story follows an eclectic group of fishermen, Pharisees, and vagabonds as they "turn the world upside down." They had left everything to follow Jesus of Nazareth, and He completely transformed their lives. Despite tremendous opposition and persecution, the young community of believers grew and spread all over the world. Their story continues to this day.
Through drama, dance, and song, a unique cast of students gives biblical characters a face as they tell their incredible stories of faith and perseverance. Acts ultimately points to the power of God and what He can do through ordinary people.
Acts was originally produced at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD in March, 2012.
The original production DVD is now available.
Performance Licenses Now Available
We have begun accepting applications for Acts performance licenses. Initial versions of the script, score and backing track will be available in mid-November, 2014; and final versions will be available in January, 2015. Groups applying prior to January, 2015 will receive a discounted license fee. Apply for a Performance License
If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us.
Production Details
Acts is a full length, 2-hour musical with 22 vocal numbers. The show can be shortened by substituting narration for selected scenes. A full accompaniment backing track is available with instrumental music from the original production. The cast requires 3-4 strong male singers and 2-3 strong female singers, plus there are 25-30 supporting roles and ensemble characters. You can double-up casting many of the supporting roles by using costumes, makeup and beards.
Walk by Faith is sung after a crippled man is healed (Acts Chapter 3).