Pilgrim (Her Story)

A full-length, two-act "Broadway style" musical running 2 hours and 15 minutes and suitable for high school, college or mixed age casts.
This is an updated version of CTP's original Pilgrim, revised for a female lead. Pilgrim (Her Story) is an adaptation of John Bunyan's classic work, Pilgrim's Progress, and uses Bunyan's allegories to convey biblical themes of faith, repentance, friendship, hardship, temptation, death and eternity.
Book by Cathy Mays & Janice Landry
Music by Janice Landry, Bob Kauflin, Zach Jones and others
Orchestrations by Susan Perdue
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Selected Songs from Pilgrim (Her Story)

Unseen World
Stand Firm
Walking on the Road 1
Walking on the Road 2

Production Details

Pilgrim (Her Story) is a full length musical with 17 vocal numbers running just over 2 hours. A full accompaniment backing track is available with instrumental music and sound effects from the original production. This will enable groups with limited music resources to perform Pilgrim (Her Story).
Performance Length: 2 hours 15 minutes
Cost: The current license fee is $545 USD.
It allows up to 5 performances and venues up to 400 seats. For larger venues, please contact us for a quote. We add a $14.35 shipping charge for destinations in the U.S.
Cast Size: 15 – 40+ (see cast list)
Smaller casts can do the show by limiting their performance to selected scenes and conveying the remainder by narration. If you have a limited number of guys, Pilgrim (Her Story) can be done with as few as 3 male actors. See cast list for details.

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The license fee includes the following materials
  • Reproducible script
  • 1 piano score rental
  • Reproducible vocal score
  • 1 Music CD with full vocals
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Additional items available (prices in U.S. dollars)
  • Accompaniment CD/Backing Track rental: $80 (Instrumental music and sound effects from the original production – can be used for performance and rehearsal.) Upon request we can provide individual tracks in alternate keys to match the vocal range of your cast ($8/song).
  • Video Recording License: $75 – Permission to record your production of Pilgrim (Her Story) and distribute up to 200 copies to friends and family.
  • Original Production DVD: contact us.
  • Orchestral Score: Includes alto sax, clarinet, french horn, piano, trombone, violin, viola, cello, acoustic guitar (1 song), harmonica (1 song), trumpet (optional on 1 song), synth (1 song). Guitar-style lead sheets are also provided. Drum score not included. Reproducible electronic PDF. Rental $125.